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Handmade Napkin Set (Set of 4)

Handmade napkins with fringe trims on the sides. Napkins made of hand-made fabric of pure Egyptian cotton.

  • Material: 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Size: 35*35 CM
  • Color: 4 Napkins (Red)
  • Cotton Napkin (4 Napkins) – 35 x 35 CM
  • Hand wash only, cold water, no bleach, iron on the back

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The fabric made in Upper Egypt at “Akhmim” City by Egyptian hands by handwoven, and the handmade embroidery by Egyptian women.

“Akhmim” is the oldest city in the textile industry in Egypt, It started from the era of the Pharaohs. Throughout the ages, each house was a factory for cotton or silk industry.

The cotton and silk handwoven industry in “Akhmim City” is one of the oldest handicrafts, that made it one of the best-advanced provinces specialized in the textile industry.


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